What Wildness Lives in You?

A peek into the day of giving birth to this website...

Today is the day! It's exciting and also daunting as I have a lot of work to do. You know what it feels like? A smoothie that has been blended with an unusual combining of ingredients. Even though I am not quite sure about diving into it, I do it anyway...it will be good for me, right? 

Either way, today is the peak of what I've been working towards for months. I have been editing, formatting, revising, customizing...basically doing surgery on my website. It's been weeks of bringing all of the pieces together and the pressure is on, as today is the day that I must birth this baby! I have been in labor for far too long.

Spurts of yoga and dance have been wonderfully reviving while dedicating myself to finishing this amazing project, yet I've reached the point where my eyes are burning and my brain is a bit loopy. Even so, the temporary discomfort is worth it. This website is a portal of connection and expression that my heart has been longing to share with the world and I am just inches away from making this dream come true!

The end of the day nears and I am ready for my final push. My Love, Max, calls me from a campground in the woods of Germany (somewhere). Even while touring across the world with Nahko and Medicine for the People, he has been phenomenally supportive and present with me through this entire process. Now is the time and Max is right here with me as I birth this new baby into the world! A huge sense of relief and accomplishment washes over me and I am ready to collapse on the ground. 

I have poured every ounce of my being into this creation...many tears too. This is powerful work! To share all of who you are and offer your inherent gifts to the world is both vulnerable and exhilarating. I feel wholly alive and tender at the same time.

With hardly any energy to spare, my spirit urges me to go be in nature, to just put my shoes on and go. So I do. I set out to one of my favorite hiking spots in Sedona and already I feel my body replenishing with every breath of the cooling desert air. 


"Whoosh!" Completely unexpectedly, the wind gusts over me, lifting my spirit into a playful dance of connection. Curiously, I follow her charm higher and higher up the Sugarloaf Summit. Golden light washes upon my body from the west as dark rain clouds form in the east. Ahhh...my heart opens fully as I receive the splendor of this magical living canvas. 

I arrive at the trail and walk along the red path alongside the spiky cactus and their violet-rose prickly pears. The birds are happily singing their sunset songs, sweetly softening my skin. Things are still spinning inside of me, so I affirm to myself, "Ground in. Ground into the red rocks. Ground into Mother Earth." I begin to re-awaken into my earthy, nature-loving body as I hike along the trail and soak in the refreshing, dynamic sky of rain clouds, illuminated with glitter rays of the setting sun. 


Yes dear friends, this wild one is out to play. She has come out to share her gifts with the world. She is here to hold space and serve with her loving heart while having so much fun along the way. She is here to see the light in you and remind you of it too. Her power illuminates the night's sky and she desires for you to shine with her too! Because we truly are all in this together. Yes, we really are. There is no competition, no comparison and no exclusion. We are on the same team. We all have so much to share, especially when we allow ourselves to be who we are here to be! 

Wow, it is a true joy to have finally made this web-portal a reality. My vibrancy is back. And here we are already connecting!

Now before you go, I would like to know...

What Wildness Lives in YOU? 

What is eagerly waiting to come out and be expressed? Can you let it out? My wildness wants to play with your wildness...


I am giggling and overcome with joy as the wind teasingly tangles my hair, surprising me with whisper kisses all upon my skin.  

Then a voice arises within me and asks,

"What wildness lives in you?"

"Oooo," I reply. "What wildness is in here?"

The voice again asks, "What power lives within you?" 

I feel inspired by this sudden invitation. I let go of my shyness and concern of who is around and I let Her out. I let myself open the gateways to my deepest and untamed self. Now dancing with the wind, I let myself be wildly powerful and free.

It amazes me how drastically things can shift in a day as I am now finding myself transformed. I am blissfully activated from the pure essence of the elements infusing me with the spice of life!

The Wildness that Lives in Me

Tenderly fierce, centered in my succulent essence
Radiant sun rays of exponential love
Spontaneous flirtacious communion
Dripping with nectarous expression
Feisty, fiery black jaguar
Giddy river splashes
Every pore melting in decadence at the feet of one's affection
Spicy, saucy lion roar
Untamed creative forces pouring into channels of passion
Unshakable voicing of truth
Spirit-eyed mustang galloping in her liberation
Allowing it all to crumble with a curious smile
Unabashadly dancing the deepest desires of my soul
Leaping head over heals into my fear
Diving fully into the elixir of love, risking it all
Unraveling the known to intertwine with the unknown
Savoring every last d r o p of honey from the lips of grounded presence
Seeing you fully, all of you, and adoring you completely


Let's be Wild Together! 

I would love to hear more about Your WILDNESS! Comment below, I dare you ;)