Resurrect Your Soul

This is the place...your hands resting upon your chest and your feet sinking into the ground.

Your heartbeat gives rhythm to your breath, enlivening your being in a steady pulse of devotion.

This conscious and natural connection is your gift…your gift to yourself and an offering to the world.

You are deepening into the particles that make up your physical, living temple.

What a miracle of heaven and earth you are! You are a beautiful, elemental, divine creation.

The stars above you are pouring their light and adoration upon your soul, shining, “Yes! We celebrate your life!” Alluring you to discover...

What do you desire?

What makes your soul come alive?

What passion lives inside of you?

 Champagne, France 2011

Champagne, France 2011

Channel your breath deep inside, illuminating the nectar of your ancient, sparkling truths.

Unleash the gates of your fear and hesitation.

Call upon your wild nature to gallop and roar through your bones.

Gaia is smiling and longing to feel her skin rumble beneath you.

Let your joy be an earthquake!

 Photo by Danny Hashimoto, Kauai 2015

Photo by Danny Hashimoto, Kauai 2015

Shake us up! Allow your seriousness to crumble to the ground.

We all need a little shift in perspective for things to beautifully break down.

Let your hair fly in the wind, let it tangle and be filled with the essence of FREEDOM.

You know what you want…

Don’t let life live on without your heart leading forward.

You are given all of the space in the universe to be the full expression of yourself and to experience all that you desire.

Don't wait for perfection.

Every cell of creation is unbearably awaiting the beauty of your soul’s resurrection

 Photo by Kristal Passy Photography 2016

Photo by Kristal Passy Photography 2016

 Sedona, AZ 2016

Sedona, AZ 2016

Kristina Pescatore