Burning Desires

Feel it...All
There is no hiding what you are truly desiring

Candle-lit passion
Burning incessantly in your eyes
I see it
I feel it
Nothing can cloak the sparking fire inside
No burying the flames, they cannot be contained

Deep oceanic waves of desire
Salty kisses and more to perspire
Love will not leave your lips
Until you lick the nectar and savor the sweetness

what do you want
what do you want
w h a t  d o  y o u  w a n t

Drum beat into the heart deep
Igniting your bones to awaken
Dance to the calling
Shake off the beliefs that dis-empower you
Call in your ancestors, your guides, your SOUL

There is no stopping this rhythm
It will find you again and again, growling from within
Answer the call
As the Moon illuminates all that is in the way
Of you and yourself

Be a Lover
Naked in the arms
of your Deepest Longings

 Tunnels Beach, Kauai - 2016   Photo by Max Ribner

Tunnels Beach, Kauai - 2016

Photo by Max Ribner