Black Panther Magic

Black Panther has arrived.

Gatekeeper to the Unknowable. Beauty lurking in the shadows. Glowing eyes that see through the veils.

In my dream last night, 3 black panthers emerged from the ocean to greet me. In their bold and fluid movement they brought forth fierceness, truth and wisdom from the watery depths.

Their eyes tell of worlds far beyond what we know to be in the 3D. In their graceful power, these magnificent creatures offer the opportunity to greet darkness in all of its forms. 

Why so much fear of darkness? 

In the void, the formless dances into form. From the darkness we are reborn.
∞ New Moon - Womb Space - Mystery - Feminine Wisdom ∞

Journey through the canal of darkness and open the hidden gates to your own eternal Power.

In honor of it all I tapped into the essence and power of the Black the most magical Sedona snow of the year!

 Photography: Max Ribner

Photography: Max Ribner

Kristina Pescatore