Spring Equinox ~ Union of Darkness & Light

I honor the balance of the Light and Darkness...within myself and surrounding me.

The unbound mystery of formless potential arises from the womb, in the Dark.

A dream seed of intention courageously blossoms open, reaching for its highest potential as it fully awakens, in the Light. 

The roots remain connected to the deep, dark soil of life's sustenance, allowing for the illuminated expansion of the branches' truest expressions. Conscious and Unconscious. 

One is not without the other. Eternal Union of Light and Dark spirals and balances as One into eternity.

May this day invite a deeper integration of Balance within you and our planet.

When we run to or run away from either the Light or the Dark, we blindly turn away from ourselves, creating distorted expressions of the authentic and raw truth within.

Integration and Liberation arises from acknowledging, accepting and loving all of you. Be with what is here Now...go into it, feel it, honor it and express it.

Cherish this human life - both the darkness and light.

 Photo by Max Ribner

Photo by Max Ribner

Kristina Pescatore