Melt into the Moment


Kilikina meets Cacao

A short story


A little seed of desire sprouted in her heart while she was in Maui...

The lushness of the land, the sparkling ocean, and her inward discoveries throughout yoga teacher training were all inspirations for Kilikina (Kristina in Hawaiian) as she realized that she wanted to create something beautiful, delicious and filled with love for others to enjoy. 

She tasted raw desserts, island banana bread and coconut treats, though she always found herself seduced by chocolate...

Her island time then transitioned far across the ocean to Paris, France.

As she explored and soaked in the romantic Parisian culture, Kilikina found herself admiring the beauty and richness of the food in Paris. She stopped in boulangeries, natural food stores, chocolateries, and cafés around the city as she was exploring...and again, she was allured by the chocolate! 

During her time in France, Kilikina experienced some unexpectedly difficult times. In addition to her yoga and meditation practice, it was not by surprise that enjoying organic, dark and fair-trade chocolate daily was truly nourishing for her. The cacao (chocolate's raw form) supported her self-healing as it balanced her body from dipping into a depression. She then began to fully realize and understand the true power of cacao. It is not just a decadent treat, it is truly medicine. Heart-healing medicine. 

Kilikina went on to meet some amazing and influential alchemists on her ride down the chocolate river. She got to savor the most divine and healthful cacao elixirs (infused with therapeutic herbs, spices and superfoods) handcrafted by Richard Kreuzberg of ChocoSutra. She also floated into the ChocolaTree in Sedona, AZ, where she swooned over all of the incredible and unique raw chocolates that soon melted in her mouth. 

In 2012, Kilikina's journey brought her to Portland, OR and instantly cacao magic filled her home and her heart. 

She began creating raw chocolate every day, cultivating a rich and close relationship with cacao. Her creativity blossomed and she began to handcraft unique and delicious raw chocolates that she had never tasted before. Using all organic ingredients, fair-trade & un-roasted cacao, local honey, and a variety of herbs, spices and therapeutic grade essential oils, Kilikina opened the doors of her kitchen to share her artisan raw chocolate with the community of Portland and beyond. Love was always the most important ingredient that she poured into the chocolate and love was what people tasted.

Kilikina shared her beautiful creations at many community events, music shows, festivals, a farmers' market, a food coop and with many chocolate lovers. She also led heart-opening cacao ceremonies and taught yoga classes that incorporated her chocolate alchemy.

Currently, after 4 delicious years of creating her chocolate treats, Kilikina is listening for the cacao clues that will determine her latest expression of Kilikina's Chocolat.

Kilikina's yummy chocolates are unavailable for you to try at the moment, but check back in soon and there may be some waiting for you!

Thank you for enjoying Kilikina's story ♥